The exchange between artists and art lovers is still the prioritiy of the gallery Cré-Artis. The gallery is located in the old town of Porrentruy. Creation, exhibition and sale, everything is possible at the gallery Cré-Artis.

Local and international artists can come and exhibit their Work. The gallery supports emerging artists to showcase their work.


Galerie Cré-Artis is a gallery dedicated to conemorary art, in Bern in april 2017 and moved to Porrentruy in winter 2019/20.

It is a place at the pulse of work and creative work. The gallery is unique because visitors can participate in the creative process in the art studio BB Art & Design next door. It is a platform for exchanging ideas – exhibition – dance lessons and workshops. It gives an insight into the working process. The vernissages are usually accompanied by a spontaneous collective painting of the gallery visitors, those who are in the mood to let off steam.


We are two Women Artists who have worked together for 27 years. Before in Bern – now we come to change our Gallery and Studio (Painting – Gallery – Dance – Office) in Porrentruy.

Beatrice Baumann BB Art & Design:

Painting – Portraits – Light Desgn – Work on Order.

Website of Beatrice: beatricebaumann.com

Verena Vata: Dance teaching.

Contemporary – Classical Bar – Basic Indian Classical Dance – Oriental Dance – Choreography.

Allée des Soupirs 1
2900 Porrentury